All I can say is “Wow!”

I am really impressed and thank you very much. This approach is so much better and definitely focuses on what I can provide/do regardless of when it was accomplished. – Jeff W.

Thank you again for all your help.

You really made it much easier for me to get to the interview. – Darlynn W.

Just wanted to let you know I landed a great job about a month ago after being laid off at the end of last year along with thousands of others.

It was a tough blow to me because it had nothing to do with my performance and all my customers gave me stellar reviews for my excellent service even a month before I got notice. Thankfully you had already whipped my resume into shape in the spring of last year, after it hadn’t been touched for 11 years or so. I know it was a major contributing factor to landing the current job and for the regular emails I still get almost daily after posting it on Monster and LinkedIn. – Chris B.


Thank you for everything.

The finished product is outstanding. I just re-read it and keep thinking… Wow! is that really me this is talking about? You really have a gift for writing. If you don’t mind working with people long distance, I would like to recommend you to some friends. – Shana K.

I would like to thank you because if it wasn’t for the Resume you custom made for me I wouldn’t have found this amazing opportunity.

I will be able to move into the direction that I want to and hopefully I can continue growing in the HR area. Thanks for your amazing work! – Betty S.

2 hours after submitting my resume, they contacted me for an interview!!!!

– Margaret P.

You helped me with my resume last August, and I’d just like to give you a quick update.

I signed a contract at a private high school in Tokyo for the new school year, and increased my salary by $15,000 this year. If you ever need a testimonial about your service for anyone in Japan or in the education field, you are welcome to use my name. Thank you again for your help…. it made a huge difference in my job search. – Jeff J.

I cannot say enough how very happy I am with your work and how grateful I am for your assistance.

I felt very “stuck” with this resume.  I just couldn’t seem to look at myself in a more objective light in order to write a better resume.  You helped get over the hump and the result is beautiful.  I now have a “professional” resume that I feel confident and proud to present to others. If you want to use me as a reference or my comments as a “testimonial” to the quality of your work, feel free.  I have nothing but good things to say about working with you. – Karen H.

I hired Beth to work on my resume which turned out better than I could ever expect.

Beth taught me the value in having a resume tailored to specific opportunities. I hired another writer previously and had no responses from over 1000 attempts. With Beth I had sent to 10 companies and had 9 responses, all leading to interviews. Beth has exceeded my every expectation. Thanks again for everything! – Lance R.

I can’t speak highly enough about Beth!

She literally impacted my career and life in a positive manner at a time when I was at a professional crossroads. When I speak about Beth, I tell friends that she helped “change the font on my life.” I have recommended her multiple times. Beth has a focused approach to creating a resume and the considerable expertise to help me organize my accomplishments, speak about them in an appropriate light, and focus the document so that a reader (potential hiring manager) can get an accurate sense of my potential. Within two weeks of finishing my resume with Beth, I landed an exciting and engaging position at a major software company. This, after looking for a position for over a year. The modest investment required to work with Beth is well worth the potential return. Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like to speak to me further about Beth Brown’s excellent work. – Michael G.

I highly recommend Beth’s work as a Resume Writer.

I’ve worked with Beth for close to a decade. During that time, Beth has created a couple of different resumes for me: One to re-enter a former profession, and another for a change in career. Now I primarily work with Beth to regularly update my resume. I’ve been really delighted with the quality of her work and the positive responses I’ve received from prospective employers over the years. So I look forward to working with Beth for many more years as my career grows, and I am excited to recommend her work to others. – Anthony V.

I’m a senior-level software developer.

After the dot-com crash, I spent lots of time hunting down employment leads and sending out resumes. After getting very little response, I turned to Beth Brown for help in tuning up my resume. It turns out that, while I’m a pretty good programmer, I’m not a professional resume writer like Beth. Her experienced and objective eye made my resume a lot clearer, more concise, and effective. I would recommend her to anyone in need of resume help, whether they are in the technology field or any other. – Andy C.

I am transitioning from full-time mom to graduate student and as part of the application process I needed to submit a current resume.

This was a daunting task given that I had not worked outside the home for 14+ years!  Beth was unfazed by my situation and we immediately got to work.  Over email she asked me questions and I would respond.  This back and forth continued for a few days and the outcome was a resume that was honest, clear and outlined my strengths and experience in the best light.  She also reviewed a few emails I had written to admissions staff and generally took a lot of stress out of the application process for me.  I plan to seek her advice again and again as I progress in my career. – Lela M.

Beth is a true pro in every sense of the word.

She truly listened to every word I said and prepared the most impressive resume that I have ever seen.  Don’t waste your time trying to write your own resume.  Let Beth do it if you want to get the job.  Thanks Beth! – Justin B.

Beth Brown is worth her weight in PLATINUM!

I have been a client since I graduated from College.  Beth did my 1st post college resume – I was hired on the spot for my 1st job.  Beth has written all of my resumes since then. Beth has an amazing way of turning your experience and skills into a resume that will resonate with hiring companies/ managers/leaders.  The last update Beth did was for an executive role and happy to share I got the job :-)! – Shari S.

Beth has helped me several times with my resumes and cover letters.

She turns out a professional looking piece of work and is very helpful in organizing work experience into coherent categories and fitting the resume to the job you’re applying for.  She has also edited important letters for me and has a very sharp awareness of what’s important and what to let go. – Lisa M.

She’s awesome!

She is honest and sincere about your resume.  She will also help you with cover letters and most important–she listens.  Avoid the pushy recruiters and pay Beth to assist you with your resume.   Her prices are moderate and her turn around is pretty quick. – Demetri A.