About The Damn Good Resume Guide

The Damn Good Resume Guide, Fifth Edition (Ten Speed Press), by Yana Parker and Beth Brown, is “A Crash Course in Resume Writing.” This friendly, updated workbook is designed to help all job seekers, from entry level to senior executives, in all types of roles, industries, and career paths.

In it, you’ll find 10 easy steps to creating your own outstanding resume, plus tips on informational interviewing, customizing your resume, and how to write great cover letters and cover emails. Of course, it also provides lots of sample resumes from actual job seekers!

The book especially speaks to job seekers who:

  • have gaps in their work history
  • are career changers, recent grads, or in the 50+ age range
  • are re-entering the job market after layoffs or other challenges
  • have been “reorganized” out of their current jobs
  • have been working full-time at parenting, caregiving family members, recovering from illness, or other unpaid activities
  • are concerned about issues that they believe are “unsolvable”

The Damn Good Resume Guide, Fifth Edition is a terrific resource that provides straightforward tools, techniques, and tips for the “everyperson” to succeed in their job search!

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